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Welcome to Changzhou Major Medical Products Co.,Ltd. official website!

Changzhou Major Medical Products Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-US company,professional in manufacturing disposable surgical products,established in August 2005,located in Zouqu Town,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province. Major Medical brings in sophisticated equipment,and introduces advanced technology,deploys whole set of testing instrument... MORE>>
  • Slitting (plain and serrated) and re-rolling

  • Changzhou Major Medical Products Co.,Ltd.

  • Wound plaster workshop

  • Hot-melt adhesive coating machine

  • Wound plaster test

Medical Materials Technology Research Center.
Full implementation of 5S management system.
Introduction of ERP management system.
Construction of the new plant is completed.
Major rapid development.
Bandages utility model patents.
Dressing paste utility model patents.
Plastered obtain patent appearance.
Changzhou Major formally established!

Specializing in the production of medical supplies a Zhongyinghezi enterprise, registered capital of 500,000 dollars , covering 20,000㎡.

Approved by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine by standard ISO13485 quality system certification, the U.S. FDA, CE registration.

Production specifications nearly 1,000 medical products, with advanced production lines and more, dozens of other auxiliary equipment.

The company extensively absorb professional talents, established a set of strict management system, operational processes of scientific norms.

Companies adhering to the concept of a high quality of life, large-scale production of medical supplies. The same quality products, lower prices!

With all the excellent products, full service, full participation for quality, to ensure quality and achieve customer zero complaints.

Look at how they say ...

Better quality medical supplies! Band-Aids and other medical products, the British Pharmacopoeia BP93...
Select major supplies no wrong! Products were assessed by the relevant authority, by ISO13485 certification...
The future will cooperate with major! Major products are exported to dozens of countries on five continents...

Major mainly produced band-aid, dressing paste, medical tape, first aid bags and other five series.

TEL:0086-051983831789    FAX:0086-051968020208
Add: Beiyang Hexi, Zouqu Town, Changzhou City Jiangsu Province, CHINA
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